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#545 - I'm Moving Away from My Loved Ones
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am moving away from my family and friends. I am being transferred to another city by the company I work for. I have found a new job in another state. I am moving to another region of the country because I am getting married and I will live with my new spouse. Whatever the reason, I am leaving behind people I love and care about. I will miss seeing them every day. I will miss my church. I will miss my neighbors. I will miss my home. I will miss even the familiarity of my neighborhood and the town I have lived in. Father, You are calling me to a new season in life. You are bringing about a tremendous change in my circumstances because You are bringing about a huge change in me. I ask for strength to see me through all this change. I pray that I will develop new friends in this new place. I pray I will find a church where I will bond with brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray I will feel at home living in my new neighborhood. Father, I pray that with technology I will be able to maintain relationships with those I have left behind - especially my adult children. I thank You for the telephone, email, texting, social media, and FaceTime. I can keep in touch with their lives and they can keep in touch with mine. I thank You for cars, trains, and airplanes that enable me to see my loved ones in person within 24 hours. Father, bring about the change You want in my life. It has come at a very high price - moving away from people I care about. Father, show me how to love those dear people who live thousands of miles away from me. Amen.

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