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#554 - Bless My Pets
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I thank You for my pets. Dogs. Cats. Fish. Birds. Hamsters. Guinea pigs. Other kinds of animals. I thank You they are a part of our family, a key face in the family portrait. I thank You for how cute and adorable they are, that they do so many things that bring smiles and laughter into our home. I thank You for their innocence. They enjoy the simple things of life - a treat, a bone, a ball of yarn, a squeaky toy. They are faithful and devoted. They are our friends no matter what we look like and no matter how we make a mess of our lives. They are affectionate and have an incredible intuition to know when we are suffering and when we need a snuggle. They are trusting, wanting to leap into our arms for protection when they feel unsafe. Father, they are like we should be. Innocent. Simple. Faithful. Affectionate. Kind. Trusting. We would be delightful people to be around if we were like our pets in these areas. Our pets are also a reminder of how You love us. No matter how our pet ruins our rugs, we still love them deeply. Father, Your Word tells us how compassionate You are; slow to anger, and abounding in love and forgiveness. You love us no matter how much mess we make in our lives and in our communities. Father, pets are not an accident. They are living and breathing lessons about Your love for us. I pray that You will bless my pets. Protect and provide for them. Give them the best veterinary care. Help me to play with them and give them the physical affection they need to know they are loved. Father, may I never abuse an animal. Abusing an animal reveals the wickedness of the human heart. A man or woman who abuses an animal is a man or woman who abuses humans. May that never be true of me. Amen.

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