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#556 - I Struggle with Pornography
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am addicted to pornography. It began innocently in my childhood when an adult or a friend showed me a magazine. It fascinated me. It planted a seed of curiosity and desire that continued to grow. As with any addiction, I needed more and more encounters with the material to satisfy me. With exploding pornography on the Internet and the advancement in technology, I can have access to millions of images and videos on the I am obsessed by pornography and I am not alone. Pornography has infiltrated our churches and the hearts of believers. Father, You had a specific design in mind when You created human sexuality. A man and a woman would first experience intense emotional intimacy. They would share their thoughts and feelings with each other without hesitation or reservation. They would know each other's hearts and minds intimately. They would become best friends, knowing what the other person is thinking and feeling without that person having to utter a word. The two would want to be with each other all the time, to share every experience together. The emotional intimacy between a man and a woman only truly thrives when there is permanency to it. We share our most intimate secrets and our greatest vulnerabilities with our partner because we have confidence they will never leave our relationship. They will be forever faithful and devoted to the oneness we have built. It is from this emotional intimacy that the need for "oneness" blossoms. The man and the woman both feel the other person knows them and cares for them so well that they feel like they are two people living as one spirit. According to Your design, it is from this experience of exclusive emotional connection and oneness that intense sexual desire is to be aroused. The intense emotional intimacy + a lifetime commitment to devotion (marriage) = amazing sexual experiences together. This is Your plan. In pornography, sex becomes only about genitalia, lust, fantasy, seduction, and mechanics. It is about domination and submission. It has nothing to do with genuine, true, and committed unconditional love for another person. In pornography, sex becomes a tool to tarnish the image God gave humans. We become like animals, enslaved to express our sexual desires with anyone (even the most vulnerable and innocent among us). Pornography is rebellion from God.period. It is a deliberate and calculated rejection of Your design for human sexuality and the institution of marriage. Our relationships and ministries will not be blessed while we entertain pornography. We will be unable to have deep fellowship with You and we won't be able to prove the fruits of the Spirit while we entertain pornography. Father, forgive me of my rebellion. I have wanted to be my own god. I have doubted Your character. I have worshipped other things more than you, things like sex and sexuality. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for my rebellion, please forgive me. Free me from pornography. I want a changed heart and mind. I want to experience sexuality the way it was intended - an amazing emotional connection with one special person + a lifetime commitment to that person = enjoyable sex. Amen.

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