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#562 - My Spouse Lost Their Job
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my spouse lost their job today. We need two incomes. We cannot afford our monthly bills or service our debt without both of our jobs. How can we buy the essentials our family needs? What are we going to do? Father, we thank You for the job that my spouse had. We thank You for the money that it brought into our family. We thank You for what You are going to teach us during this hardship. We thank You for how You are going to provide for us, perhaps in miraculous ways. We thank You for unemployment compensation. We thank You that the eventual new job will be better for my spouse and for our family than the job they had this morning. We confess our rebellion from You. We have lived like You are irrelevant. Father, forgive us. We realize through this layoff that we are not gods ourselves. We need You. Help us to surrender to you, learning to depend upon Your provision for every transaction. Father, lift us up. Give us strength. Guide my spouse as they update and distribute their resume. May their resume impress those who are in the position to hire. May the interviews go very well and may my spouse be employed again soon. We are depending upon You to meet our monthly financial obligations. Help us to learn to live with less. Father, help our friends and family to do more than to say they will pray for us. Help them to make connections for us. Help them to give my spouse new skills and expertise. Help my spouse to perform with excellence in his or her next job. Father, we know You are the one who assigns Your people work. Please give my spouse a new assignment. Amen.

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