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#565 - I'm Going through a Divorce
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I tried everything to reconcile with my spouse. - I confessed my sin to You and I repented. I surrendered my life to You. - I've pleaded to You in prayer. - I tried to talk to him or her. I've asked for forgiveness of my spouse for the things I did wrong. - I tried to get my spouse to go with me to a Christian counselor. - I pleaded with my spouse to talk to our pastor with me. - I tried to be kind and compassionate. - I tried to rekindle the romance. - I've asked friends and family to pray. - Godly people have tried to talk with my spouse. - My in-laws have tried to talk my spouse out of it. Nothing has worked. My spouse is determined to divorce me. Father, I now surrender to the inevitable and I will let my spouse go. I ask that You protect me financially and legally. Father, help me to afford an excellent attorney. May the attorney not only know the law well but may the attorney also be compassionate. This is not the time in my life to have an attorney who sees me only as a source of revenue. Father, I ask for Your mercy, compassion, grace, and generosity to be abundant towards me as the court decides child custody, child support, alimony, and a settlement of our assets. I pray that I will come out of this divorce in the best possible financial and legal shape. Father, divorce is often a ticket to financial hardship. Please protect me from that. May my spouse, who refused to reconcile, experience a hardship that will drive him or her to their knees in repentance. In the event they have a spiritual awakening and want to reconcile, Father, help me forgive them. Help us to embrace a new life with Jesus Christ at the center, a second season for our marriage. Amen.

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