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#566 - I Am Now Divorced - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, in Your Word it says that You hate divorce. Why? Marriage is an institution created by You and not by government. You created marriage as a representation of Your relationship with mankind. You and Your people are to be committed, loving, devoted, and faithful to each other. You and Your people are to be emotionally intimate, sharing everything together. You intended to continuously spend time with us and for us to love every minute of being with You. You are the perfect husband. You provide for us and protect us 24/7. We are to be the perfect bride, radiant in the love You shower upon us, fully trusting You for everything. Divorce is not loving. It is unfaithfulness. It is the opposite of emotional intimacy. It is broken communication. It is rebellious. We took a wonderful institution that You created and we turned it into a nightmare, a hideous monster called divorce. Father, forgive me for the part that I played in the divorce. Forgive me for how my rebellious heart contributed to the brokenness of what was once a sacred commitment. Father, I ask for forgiveness for the divorce I brought upon my former spouse and my children. I must now repent, surrendering my life to You. Father, I ask that You now transform me in to the likeness of Your Son. May I show love, faithfulness, devotion, generosity, perseverance, patience, kindness, mercy, and grace as I love others as a single person. Amen.

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