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#567 - I Am Now Divorced - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I didn't ask for this divorce. But here I am - divorced. Lonely. I feel rejected and judged. I feel like an outcast in a church that caters to married couples. I feel humiliated. I am embarrassed. I hear the whispers, "he or she is divorced". It's like I have the plague, a virus everyone is afraid to catch. I hear the whispers of criticism. However, I tried to stop the divorce process. I did everything I could to try and reconcile with my former spouse. I tried. I tried to save the family for the sake of the children. Father, have mercy upon me. I intended to stay married to my former spouse for my entire life. I committed to him or her. I was devoted. I didn't ask for this divorce. Father, I need Your love in abundance. I need Your grace. I need Your mercy. Father, forgive me of my rebellion from You. Help me surrender my life to You. I want all the blessings that the Holy Spirit can shower upon me today. Amen.

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