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#568 - I Have a PFA Order to Protect Me
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, there is a protection-from-abuse order in the courts to protect me. My spouse, common-law spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, sibling, or intimate partner has been threatening me verbally or has been physically attacking me. I have been living in terror. When will they hurt me? When will they kill me? At home? At work? Will they follow me when I'm out driving my car? Will they stalk me when I'm out jogging? Father, I have turned to the authorities for help. My abuser is not to contact me. They are not to come near my home or place of work. They must leave our home. They must give me full restitution of my expenses associated with their abuse. They are not to contact family members. They are to surrender their weapons. They are to give me back my property. Father, I thank You for law and order. This would be a world of total chaos and anarchy without a police force to protect and defend the innocent. I thank You for them. I thank You for police, prosecutors, and judges who have integrity and a sincere desire for truth, justice, and the prosecution of evil. Father, I am still vulnerable. I am not God. I do not know all that my abuser might do. I don't know where he or she may be at any given moment. I don't know how they may sneak through a loophole or an unlocked door. However, You know everything he or she is doing every second of every day. Please protect me and the ones I love. Deny every step they take to bring me harm. Father, I ask for relief. I ask for this nightmare to end. Give me strength and courage. Give me wisdom and intuition. Please enable me to stay a step ahead of my abuser, frustrating his or her intentions. Give me peace. May he or she no longer cause me to live in fear. I don't want to give them that power. You are God and I can rest in knowing You will watch over me. Amen.

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