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#572 - I'm Dating
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I've started dating. I'm looking for the right person. I have my list. I want my mate to have all the right qualities. I've been doing some thinking. The most important trait for my mate is the willingness to be counseled. Seriously. Every person has dysfunction in their lives. Every person has insecurities. Every person has had their share of adversity. Every person is at least a little confused by all of this. Every person is blinded and deceived in some manner. We need to be counseled by godly people. It could be a mentor, a more mature believer who walks through life with us. It could be a Biblical counselor, a professional who has experience guiding people through the practical application of Your Word. In either case, we need to have the humility and the transparency to admit our weaknesses and to seek help to grow emotionally and spiritually. Father, I need a mate who is willing to learn, heal, mature, recover, and transform their heart by talking through their issues with godly people. Please help me to find such a special person. Amen.

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