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#575 - Should We Get Married? - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have been dating someone special for a while. I want to know if it is Your will for us to marry. I don't want to get involved in a marriage that will lead to divorce. What are a few signs that You may be leading me into marriage? - I long to spend my life with this person. - I'm not motivated by a desire to keep up with my friends who are marrying. - I'm not motivated for convenience or advantage, such as access to family money. - I'm not treating an unresolved emotional struggle by marrying this person. - I'm not taking my life into my own hands, deciding what is right for me without inquiring of the Lord. - My special someone and I have confessed our rebellion from You and surrendered our lives to You. We both are showing signs of spiritual growth. - Together we have gone through adversity or united to help someone else go through adversity, validating that our good characters are authentic and that we are a team. - Neither of us has any hesitation. - Our relationship has the unanimous support of godly mentors. - We have deep emotional intimacy and shared life interests and goals. - We enjoy praying and studying Your Word together. - We share the desire to be engaged with a local community of believers. - I love God and I know He wants me to love this person unconditionally. - There are indications that You are opening the doors for our marriage. You are removing obstacles and making our paths straight. Based on these criterion, I have confidence that this special someone is the man or woman of Your choosing. Father, speak to me - am I right or am I wrong? I need this to be Your decision. Please make this very clear to me. Amen.

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