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#596 - We Are Experiencing Infertility
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I've been dreaming of having a child since I was a little girl. Pregnancy. Delivery. Newborn. Toddler. Elementary school. Middle school. High school. College. Wedding. Grandchildren. However, that dream has ended thanks to infertility. It's a huge loss in my life. I find myself jealous of the millions of couples who have children. Why are there so many horrible parents with children and we can't have any? We would be so loving. Father, my spouse and I feel inadequate compared to our friends who have children. We don't feel normal. It is causing us great stress in our marriage as both of us are struggling to accept childlessness. Father, we are not god. We are not in control. If we were, we would wave our magic wands and we'd have a child nine month from now. Father, forgive us for the rebellion in our hearts. We surrender to You. Fill us now with the fruits of the Holy Spirit, enabling us to honor You as we move on in life as a childless couple. May we minister to other infertile couples and give them hope through our testimony of healing and restoration. Father, if it be Your will, please give us a biological child or lead us to the rescue of another child who doesn't have love in their life. Amen.

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