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#597 - Pregnancy Outside of Marriage - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, we are expecting a baby and we aren't married. In other words, we have set a precious baby into a basket and put the basket into the sea. The ferocious wind is frothing up the waves and our little one is caught in the current, floating to unknown emotional destinations. Father, parents who are committed to a permanent relationship are parents who give their children a rock, a haven from the storms of life. Dad and mom will always be together and together they will watch over me and protect me from harm. However, my boyfriend or girlfriend and I fooled around and now we are expecting a child. The baby is the result of an adulterous affair that now impacts two families. Father, we are guilty of being disobedient to Your commands. We have rebelled against You, thinking we knew better. Forgive us in the name of Jesus Christ. Help us surrender to You that we might now be filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Father, protect this child from abortion. Protect this child from abandonment. Protect this child from abuse. Father, make his or her biological parents faithful to each other. Lead us to marriage. Give our child loving, faithful, devoted, and mature parents of outstanding character. Transform us. We must do what is right for the baby, sacrificing our lives if necessary. Help us to persevere as the parents this child desperately needs. Amen.

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