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#598 - Pregnancy Outside of Marriage - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am pregnant and the baby's father is abandoning us. There will be no marriage. There will be no child support. There will be no fatherhood. The baby's father has essentially given the baby the middle finger. Father, I feel Your anger. It is evil to abandon an innocent child. It is the act of someone who has rebelled from You, thinking they can do as they please. It is an act of pure selfishness as their comfort and pleasure are more important to them than the welfare of the child. Father, I pity this man who fathered my child and then ran away. He lacks courage, perseverance, strength, and faith. He is weak and insecure, an emotional child in an adult body. Father, what on earth was I thinking? Character matters. Maturity matters. A man who loves God doesn't walk away from such responsibility. What was I doing in bed with a man who hadn't surrendered his life to you? Father, I rebelled from You. I ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died on the cross for my rebellion. I surrender my life to You. You are God and I am not. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I might have the fruit of the Holy Spirit that my abandoned child needs. I will be strong for my child. I will be loving for my child. I will be faithful to my child. Father, bring me a godly man who will love my child with all his heart. You are the God of miracles. May the child's biological father be that godly man. In the meantime, protect the baby and I. We are needy. We are vulnerable. We are at risk. Be the Man who watches over His family, protects them, and meets their every need. Amen.

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