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#613 - Our Child is Considering Their Future
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, how much of our lives are the result of simply following the crowd? We do the things our culture expects us to do. We do the things that the people in our local communities expect us to do. We do the things our friends and family expect us to do. Father, we are all individuals, each of us created and designed by You for unique purposes. We should not be driven by the desire to follow in the footsteps of others, especially the crowd. Crowds are usually not the poster children for moral and spiritual virtue. Whom should we follow? We should follow those few people in our network who have truly surrendered their lives to You. We should follow those who display the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We shouldn't follow what college they attend or what career they have. We should emulate their character. Father, my child is in high school. The culture tells him or her that the thing to do after high school is to go to college. Is that Your will for our child? Do You have something else planned for them? Father, this is not the time for them to rush into a decision. May they not blindly follow their friends to a college or university. May they not choose or avoid a school because we went there. May they not choose a school because it has an outdoor hockey rink or a great party scene. May they not be misled by beautiful glossy brochures. May they truly inquire of the Lord. May they ask what You want for their lives. Father, if You call them to college, show them what college they should go to. Show them by their visiting prospective schools, doing a careful analysis, and inquiring of the Lord. Lead them to the best choice. Father, may they not follow the crowd but follow Your will. Amen.

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