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#618 - My Parent Will Raise My Kids
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I don't know what to say. I am the parent of a child that I cannot raise. Perhaps I am incarcerated. Perhaps I am addicted to self-destructive behaviors. Perhaps I emotionally abandoned my child. Perhaps I have a terminal illness. The child's other parent is not around either. Whatever the reason my child will not have mature and godly parents to raise them. I ask for forgiveness for being so unprepared to parent my child. I ask for forgiveness for rebelling from You. My little one was counting on me. Father, I thank You that You are a loving God. You forgive those who confess and repent. You show Your compassion, mercy, and grace to those who surrender their lives to you, no matter what we have done before. You send the Holy Spirit into our hearts to transform us. When we are transformed, we become better parents. Father, I do ask You to transform my heart and soul. Mend the brokenness. Heal the scars. Clean up my life. Give me emotional and spiritual maturity and wisdom. May I parent my child in the future in a truly loving and godly manner. In the meantime, I thank You my parents could step in and raise my child. Thank You. I didn't need to give them up to adoption or to a foster home. I ask for Your abundant blessings on my parents. Give them strength. Give them wisdom. Help my child to be as cooperative as they can be to ease the burden on my parents. I know this was their time to retire and enjoy life in an empty nest. Now they have a child to raise again. Father, they are being heroic, making all these sacrifices. Please be close to them and give them extraordinary strength. May they watch both my child and I transform into the image of Christ and may that give them great reward for their sacrifice. Amen.

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