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#619 - I Gave My Child Permission Today
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my child asked for permission to do something. His or her school sent home a permission slip for me to sign. Father, I gave my permission. I thank You I am their parent, that I have the responsibility to make decisions about their safety and well-being. However, I confess that I am blind here. I have no idea if the thing that they have asked permission for is truly good for them. It may seem good on the surface but there may be all kinds of evil hidden below the surface. It may seem bad on the surface but there may be all kinds of good things hidden below it. I can only see what is on the surface. The sleepover at a friend's house looks harmless. The school trip to Washington DC looks harmless as well. Permission granted. However, a bully may attend the sleepover and cause my child emotional scars I will be dealing with for months. The school bus may be involved in an accident on the trip to Washington. My child may be injured and require months of recovery. Father, I simply do not know and cannot know the full ramifications of the permission I give or don't give my children. This is where I need to inquire of the Lord and then trust You. I need to seek Your face, asking You if I should give permission to my child. If I believe You led me to grant permission, I need to trust You with whatever happens. You will not lead me to approve that which is against Your will. Father, You be the God and I'll be the clueless mortal when my child needs permission about something. Tell me what I should do. Amen.

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