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#621 - Everything is Going to Be Ok
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

What?. Woods. Don't leave me. Bath. Amy's birthday. SCREAM.

Dear Father, I took the night shift in the ER tonight for a friend. I now know why I'm here. Help me to love this dear girl.

It's ok. Calm down. You are safe. You are safe, honey. What is your name? (Melissa, get me a kit).

Father, please guide me. How can I show the love of God to her? Please help me now. What is your name? Look at me. You are ok. Everything is going to be ok.


Babysitting tonight. Song... GET AWAY FROM ME.

I'm not going to hurt you. You are safe. You'll be fine. Are you in pain? (Thank you, Melissa. Can you call Dr. Sanders?)


Father, please help me. Help me to comfort her. This breaks my heart. Why must people suffer?


You are in the hospital and you are safe, honey. No one is going to hurt you. Can you take a deep breath for me? Wonderful. Very good.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Die.

You don't need to feel sorry. You are loved. You are not alone. You are going to be ok. Can you tell me your name?


Rachel, my name is Anna. I'm a nurse in the ER at Tollar Hospital. Do you know why you are here?

NO, NO, NO. GET AWAY. Shower. Hug.


Father, I thank You that she asked for a hug. She came out of her shock. She is sobbing. Father, please give her an abundance of Your love right now. Help me to ease her emotional pain. I understand. You'll get a shower soon, honey. But we need to check you out to make sure you are ok. Rachel, can you tell me why you are here?


I. was. rrrrrr.

Are you in pain? Where do you hurt? (Melissa, 130 over 90).


Father, I want to tell her how much You love her. However, I hear Your voice. She is in serious trauma. She can't understand words right now. She needs compassion and I am Your instrument. She needs silent prayer. That's why I am here.


I'm ok.

You look like you are hurting, Rachel. I'll help you get through this. I'm going to stay with you. Rachel, can I hold your hand?


Dear Father, I ask for Your mercy on this dear girl. Father, may she please feel Your love right now. Speak to her as only You can. Calm her heart. Give her peace. May her body rest. Show me where she needs treatment. May we do what is best for her. Help her to feel safe. Give her hope for recovery. Help her to know she didn't deserve this. Protect her from any long-term harm. Protect her from a violent pregnancy. There was nothing loving in what happened here. Father, may he be brought to justice. Give me an abundance of wisdom, compassion, grace, mercy, and kindness. I want to give them to her. Father, this is what You do. You put Your people in the middle of the crises of friends and strangers so we can pour our hearts out in prayer for them. Father, may she open her heart to a relationship with You through this experience. Give her all kinds of reasons to thank You for how You are about to deliver her. May she have a testimony that touches many lives. Amen.


Rachel, we can be strong together. We will get through this. I'll be here step by step. We need to check you out now. Can we get started?

Yes. thank you for being so kind to me. Please stay with me.

I will.

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