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#628 - Public Speaking
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, Your Word tells us about the power of the spoken word. What we say can bless and curse, heal and destroy. The spoken word can resolve conflicts or start wars. The spoken word can build someone up or tear someone down. I've been invited to speak words before an audience. I have great responsibility. I can annoy, insult, or anger people in the audience. I can spark dissension and create animosity between groups. Or, I can be a peacemaker, uniting the room through an inspiring speech that touches everyone's heart. Father, may I not go into this public speaking opportunity carelessly. May I know my audience - their values, their desires, and their needs. May I know the nature and purpose of the occasion. Is it light-hearted or serious? Am I being asked to celebrate, to entertain, to inspire, to teach, or to console? Father, help me to have the appropriate plan for what I will say. Give me the gift to effectively communicate the right message in the least amount of words. May I be confident, easy to listen to, and easy to understand. May I find humor only in my own flaws and not by teasing the flaws of others. May my audience have I get it moments where the point I made connects with them and is life-changing. May what I say be true and may it honor You. May I cause no conflict or intensify an existing one. May the words I speak be a blessing to all who hear them. Tell me what I should say. Help me to share my story transparently and truthfully. May my facts be accurate and may my advice reflect godly wisdom. Father, forgive me of my rebellion from You. Help me to surrender my life to You. In that way, I'll be more likely to say what my audience needs to hear instead of concerning myself about what they think of me. Amen.

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