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#631 - My Social Media - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, social media has its dark side. It can do a great deal of emotional harm. It can be addicting. It can distract me from doing more important things. However, what it does allow us to do is to know how to pray for others. Even if I don't communicate with someone, I can see posts about what's going on in their life. It can give me an opportunity to pray about people and activities in their life. Father, we can have relationships with friends for the rest of our lives even if we aren't in communication with them. That happens through You. You are actively involved in their life. They pray to You. You are actively involved in my life. I pray to You. This person has a friendship with me through You and through the power of prayer. Father, it seems rather important that I keep social media connections with as many friends as possible, past and present. It's source material for my prayer life. It enables me to continue to be their prayer friend long after we've stopped communicating. Thank You for social media. Amen.

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