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#650 - I Need Space
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, why do people have to get in my face? They invade my private space. I want to be alone. Live and let live. I'll leave them alone if they leave me alone. Everyone should be able to do their own thing without anyone else butting in and criticizing. Father, we are a broken people. We are a rebellious people. We are an insecure people who get lost and confused. We make poor decisions. We make mistakes. We mess up our lives. Therefore, we need each other. We need to help one another avoid making the same mistakes that we have made. We need to invite other people to speak into our lives, to tell us constructive things that will make our lives better and to help us avoid trouble. However, this can only happen when both the advice giver and the advice receiver have surrendered their lives to You. Father, both people need to confess they have been rebellious to You. Both must confess they have doubted Your character. Both must confess that they have worshipped other things. Both must repent of their rebellion. It is only in repentance that we can truly love You with all our heart, soul, and mind. It is only after such love for You that we can truly love others as ourselves. It is in that place of spiritual growth that two people can come into each other's space and gently and lovingly admonish each other to grow. It is only a repentant heart that will welcome constructive advice from a loving godly friend. It is only a repentant godly heart that can give constructive advice lovingly to a friend. Father, if the other person and I are right with You, we will not need space from our brother or sister in Christ. Amen.

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