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#651 - I Care About My Reputation
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my reputation means everything to me. What do people think of me? Do they think I'm intelligent? Creative? Effective? Productive? Insightful? Intuitive? Courageous? Bold? Strong? Competent? An expert? A doer? A shaker? Powerful? Influential? Wealthy? A member of the in-crowd? A player? Rich? A club member? Exclusive? Dignified? Unshakeable? Kind? Compassionate? Generous? Acclaimed? Affirmed? Desired? Requested? Recruited? Prestigious? A wearer of designer apparel? Independent? A jetsetter? An exotic traveler? A name-dropper? A companion of the powerful? In other words, do people think about me the way I feel about me - I am a god? Father, a real God walked the paths of this world in the first century. He was a servant to His Father in heaven and to human beings on earth. He did hang out with the rich and famous because the rich and famous were spiritually lost. He also hung out with the poor and the downtrodden. They too were spiritually lost. He had compassion and mercy on them all. He was offered political power and He declined it. He was poor and had no place to call home. He told people things they didn't want to hear. For that, He was hated and vilified. He came to earth on a mission to save humanity from their sins, dying a horrific death on the cross after being mocked and beaten. He cared little about His reputation with the world. Father, may my reputation be this: I was a rebel from You. I confessed my rebellion to You. I surrendered my life to You. I worked hard to love You with all my heart, soul, and mind. I worked hard to love my neighbors, especially those in need. Father, no other position, social status, or compliment comes close to such an esteemed honorable place to be in - a servant of God and others. Amen.

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