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#653 - I'm Afraid of People
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, people hurt me. They let me down and break my heart. They abandon me. I've put my trust in friends only to discover that they are unfaithful. Some have said things or have done things that have deeply wounded me. I am scarred. Father, why do You let people hurt me so much? I stopped trusting You to manage my relationships. I started building walls and barriers to keep people away from my heart. I started refusing to allow myself to love or be loved. All that did is further drive people away from me. They couldn't trust me because I didn't trust them. Father, I need to be vulnerable in relationships. I need to let people go if they move on. Father, help me get to a place where I only need Your love and I don't need the love of others so that I can be free and uninhibited to love others. Tear down my walls and barriers and let me have a heart that is willing to be hurt by those You've called me to love. Amen.

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