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#661 - I Am Embarrassed
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, through the ages, You smiled, perhaps even laughed, as You watched humans make all kinds of innocent mistakes. Father, we've done things that are not sin but give proof that humans are fallible. We laugh with each other, a fraternity of a people who share the bond that we all do embarrassing things. However, there is a point where the innocent silly mistake becomes a serious concern. For example, we've been caught doing something embarrassing. Our friends laugh and tease us about it. However, we become angry with them. If we lash out at them or bring up embarrassing moments from their past, we've just crossed a line into sin. Father, forgive me for the times I've responded sinfully to innocent and lighthearted teasing that results from an embarrassing moment. Forgive me for the times I've ridiculed other people after they made a harmless mistake. Help me to take myself a little less seriously, giving myself the grace to be human, to make harmless mistakes, to laugh about them, and to let them go. After all, laughing about the mindless things we humans do is a reminder that You alone are God. Amen.

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