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#662 - I Feel Humiliated
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, it was mean. It was cruel. A person or a group of people humiliated me. It wasn't lighthearted teasing about the innocent mistakes each one of us can make. It crossed a line. It was oppressive. My character was assaulted. My personal value was attacked. I was called names. I was made a caricature. I was falsely accused. Everything that I feel insecure about was put on the table and laughed about. It was done publicly. I felt defenseless. I got up and left, wanting to be alone. Or, I fought back, causing a scene, escalating the humiliation into a verbal or physical battle. Father, please forgive me for how I responded so poorly to this. I didn't respond in the most loving of ways. Please help me to heal from this wound. Please help me to move on and to forget about it. Please help me to forgive them for what they have done. They didn't understand the insecurity of their own hearts and I should feel sympathy for them for that. Please forgive me for my sinful response to them. However, where their hearts are unrepentant; where they lack remorse; where this is a pattern of humiliating people, I ask for revenge. Not by me but by You. Father, in Your fashion and in Your time, act so that they learn how wrong it is to humiliate others. Help me now to let go of this, to trust that You will take care of it on my behalf and on Your behalf. On Your behalf? Yes, I know You were offended by how one human has humiliated another. It's something You want to correct in their life, and in mine, and I can trust that You will do so. I forgive and now let it go. Amen.

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