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#668 - I'll Pray for You
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, people come to me, sharing their concerns and burdens. However, I have many other things on my mind. I have my own problems. I'm busy. Have You looked at my schedule? Truthfully, I don't have the time or the energy to care for them. However, that sounds so unloving. It sounds so ungodly. I need to say something spiritual. I know. If it is somebody I know personally, I'll tell them I'll pray for them. If it is somebody I don't know personally, I'll text something like "our thoughts and prayers are with you." Phew. I cared without doing anything for them. Do I really pray for them later? Do I take time to think about their struggle again? Father, it is disingenuous. It also reveals a weakness in faith. I don't believe You answer prayer. I just say I'll pray for someone as if it is a gesundheit after someone sneezes. If I felt You could answer their prayer, why wouldn't I pray right then? Do I think You are incapable or unwilling to help this person? If their life was depending upon my prayer, why do I put it off till later? It is like an EMT telling a heart attack patient that he will give them CPR at some future time. If someone asks us to pray, it is a task given to us by You. May we not tell You we will get around to it later. Father, help me to set a new rule for my life. If someone asks me for prayer, may I stop what I'm doing and immediately pray with them. If they are uncomfortable praying in the public place we are in, may I offer to step into a private place with them. If I am not in their presence, may I pray with them on the phone. I can always text or email them a prayer. Father, if there must be a delay in my prayer, help me to pray for them immediately when my activity opens for a few minutes. I notify them of the date and the time that I prayed. To pray like Jesus Christ, I follow up with the person to see how our prayers have been answered. Father, that kind of response is genuine and authentic. It is godly. Father, help me surrender from my rebellious and insensitive heart that has no intention to pray for someone when I say that I will. Give me a genuine heart of love for others because You love me so much. Amen.

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