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#673 - Let My "Yes" Be "Yes"
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I'm a fine print person. I love asterisks. Yes, I will do that****. But.... However... Keep in mind... You should know.... I'll see what happens... I'll get back to You.. Maybe I can or can't... There's a little caveat... Father, humans are uncomfortable with commitment. Commitment takes away our sovereignty. If I have integrity, I become a servant to my commitments. I've lost my independence. I've lost my freedom. I surrender. I must fulfill the commitments because my integrity means everything. However, humans like our freedom to do as we please. That means we can't be tied down by commitments we have made in the past. What if we decide to go in an entirely new direction? I can't have commitments holding me back. Therefore, I insert fine print, a way out of the commitment even as I make it. Father, a man or woman who has repented from their rebellion against You will say "yes" and "no" without conditions, asterisks, or caveats. They will surrender their freedom and fulfill their promise before they go against their word. Please help me to mean what I say and say what I mean. Amen. 674. I Have a New Friend Dear Father, I thank You for a new friend in my life. Our paths have crossed. Introductions have been made. We are now venturing into familiarity. I'm putting on my best performance. I want to make a good impression. However, at some point, this person will see the flaws in me. At some point, I will see the flaws in them. We will both notice our respective insecurities, scars, hurts, and brokenness. Enthusiasm may dwindle. Miscommunication and misunderstandings may begin to invade our friendship. Father, I want to be my own god while at the same time the other person wants to be their own god. That is a recipe for conflict; two little gods competing for attention and dominance. Father, the only chance for friends to have a wonderful relationship is when both have surrendered their lives to You. When both people put You first, there will be no friction over whose will is going to win in the end. Father, surrendering to You is not just about my vertical relationship with You. It's also about my horizontal relationship with others. Help me surrender to You this very day and may my relationships may be blessed because of that. Amen.

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