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#675 - Help Me Forgive
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am deeply bitter with someone. They did something that hurt me very much. How could they do that to me? I just can't get over that. What would make them think they could do that? Don't they love me? Don't they care? Are they that mean and cruel? Father, the better question for me to ask is "what is wrong with me?" Why am I surprised by the hurtful behavior of human beings? Father, somewhere in my deep bitterness for this person is an expectation that this person is to be better than they are capable of being. I'm looking for perfection from them. Sure, I know they are flawed but I don't expect to encounter their flaws. If I do, I feel hurt by them. Father, my bitterness towards them has much to do with unrealistic expectations I have for their character. I'm expecting them to have the character of God, the character of Jesus Christ. I'm expecting them to be always kind, always loving, always compassionate, always caring, always merciful, and always generous. However, they cannot be like that. They live in a fallen world with a sinful nature they continue to battle. They are growing emotionally and spiritually but they have not arrived at their final state of character. They have fears, insecurities, and anxieties just like I have. Father, in short, people are not going to relate with me perfectly. They will have their moments, just like I do. Continued bitterness in my heart shows I don't understand these realities. Forgive me for my bitterness. I forgive them for anything they did wrong to me and I ask that You do so as well. Father, replace my bitterness with amazing and miraculous love for them. Amen.

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