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#676 - There Are Cliques in My Life
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, there are cliques in my life - at school, in my neighborhood, at my church, and at my job. A clique is a group of people with similar interests and values who hang out together and who are reluctant to let others join in. Father, I understand a faith-based group needs to exclude those who have an entirely different belief system about how one knows You. I understand that it would be appropriate for a yoga club to exclude anyone who doesn't enjoy yoga. However, if the person is willing to take into their heart the values and passions of the group, the group would be wrong not to welcome and include that person. Father, Your Word tells us that You will not cast out anyone who comes to You and wants to be a part of Your community. You are inclusive and welcoming of all who confess their sins, repent, and surrender their lives to You. People from all walks of life, from every race, and from every nation are welcome in Your Kingdom. Father, You invite everyone to become a part of Your community regardless of who they are. The price of admission to Your social network is free and simple - confess our sin, trust that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our rebellion, and repent (become obedient to the way You want us to live). Father, help me to make my community of believers welcoming to all who are seeking a relationship with You. Amen.

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