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#683 - I Need to Confide in Someone
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have kept something a secret for a long time. It is not good to do so. We humans deceive ourselves. We don't truly understand our own hearts. We don't challenge our own assumptions. We protect the thought patterns we are familiar with, even if they are unhealthy. We need godly people to speak into our lives. Godly people. People who have surrendered their lives to You. People who are exhibiting the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Father, bring me such a person. Give them the sense of calling to hear what I must share. Give them the wisdom to know how to most effectively minister to me. Give them the grace to be compassionate and empathetic to me. Father, let me not just confide in one person. Bring me several godly people to share my secret with. May each present a unique perspective that You want me to hear. May they all hold me accountable to the surrendering of my life to You. Amen.

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