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#686 - I Am Dedicating Something to Someone
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am dedicating something to someone. A book. A work of art. Music. An event. A competition. It is my intention to draw attention to someone who has been a personal blessing to me or who is worthy of honor because of how they have lived their life. The dedication is an act of personal gratitude. It is also a statement about godly character. Father, may the individuals that I dedicate my work to be men and women who truly love You, who have surrendered their lives to You, who love others, and who display the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Help me to find a way to dedicate something of great honor to every person in my life whose character has been consistently godly over a long time. Help me to identify those individuals who transformed my life by their compassionate godliness. May I dedicate something meaningful to them as well. Father, may I never dedicate something to a person who has not surrendered their life to You. They are still in rebellion. May I never dedicate anything to a cause whose values, beliefs, and goals are blatantly contradictory to Your Word. Father, may I inquire of the Lord the next time I am dedicating something to someone or to an organization. Should I? Father, I need You to be involved in every decision of my life. Amen.

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