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#688 - I'm Shocked Upon Hearing the Gossip
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I heard something that was totally shocking today about someone. I can't believe it is true. They did what? They said what? Are You kidding me? I thought they were godly. I thought they were good. I thought they were above that kind of thinking. What on earth is going on? Father, what on earth is going on is that it is our human nature to rebel against You. It comes naturally to us, as natural as getting something to eat when we are hungry. A man is treading water hundreds of miles out into the ocean. If he stops treading, he will sink and drown. He must continuously tread water if he is going to stay alive. Father, this is a metaphor for our lives. We must continuously surrender our lives to You - every hour of every day. If we stop, we sink into our natural sinful nature. We will return to our disobedience. Father, Your Word says that the thoughts of humans are evil all the time. The only way they aren't evil is when we confess, repent, and surrender our lives to You. Your Holy Spirit transforms our hearts, helping us to live in a fashion that pleases You. However, we must keep on surrendering our lives to You. Prayer. Reading Your Word. Obeying Your commands. Father, why am I shocked by the news about what this person has done? I am just as capable of doing evil. I have it within me to do the vilest of deeds, to become the most hated public offender. I can show everyone my evil nature by one day choosing to stop surrendering my life to You. Father, I ask that You help me surrender my life to You each day for the rest of my life. As for this person who everyone is gossiping about? I ask that You use the adversity in their life to wake them up, lead them to repentance, and to create in their life an incredible testimony of Your transforming grace. Amen.

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