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#689 - I Stereotype People - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I stereotype people. I simplify them. Their behavior and perspectives can be explained rather easily. Everything about them can be attributed to ___________ (fill in the blank). Father, quite honestly, that is ridiculous. Humans are very complex. We are the compilation of decades of daily experiences and relationships. Every day we process what is going on in our life. Today's thoughts are built upon yesterday's thoughts. We react to things each day because of conclusions we came to years before. Your Word says that our hearts are deep waters. Therefore, I am foolish to stereotype people. Each person is unique, unlike anyone else. I must get to know someone deeply, spending hundreds of hours talking with them, before I can begin to think I understand them. Interestingly, just when I think I've begun to understand someone, they change. People continuously evolve emotionally and spiritually. I won't be able to detect the subtle changes. The person is going to be confused themselves. Their head is going to spin as change occurs. And I think I can come to certain black and white conclusions about them? Father, it is arrogance to think we really know someone. We are demonstrating that we think we are our own gods, capable of coming to the right conclusion about people with little information. We must surrender our lives to you, inquiring each day for just enough understanding about the people in our life that we can be a blessing to them for the day. Father, help me to understand the wonder of human life and to search patiently and lovingly into what You have been doing in each life. Amen.

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