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#690 - I Stereotype People - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, while it is foolish to stereotype any individual human being, I certainly can stereotype humans. We are rebels from You. Each one of us lives to be our own god, wanting to think our own thoughts, do our own thing, and say whatever we feel. Each one of us doubts Your character, worrying about things going on in our lives. Each one of us struggles with idolatry, neglecting You as we pursue more fulfilling things during our day. Our rebellion impacts our every thought. Why do people in the news do what they do? Rebellion. Why does my neighbor do what he does? Rebellion. Why do my children do what they do? Rebellion. Why do I do what I do? Rebellion. Father, forgive me for my rebellion from You. I ask that the death and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus Christ, will cover the punishment of my rebellion from You. Help me to surrender my life to You that I might not fit the stereotype. Amen.

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