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#691 - Submissiveness
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, a submissive spirit is one in which a person does whatever someone else tells them to do. They are compliant. Passive. Meek. Whatever the other person wants, he gets. Whatever the other person thinks, it is right. Whatever the other person says, it makes sense. Whatever the other person needs is more important. Father, isn't submissiveness a godly spirit? Aren't we to serve others with meekness? Aren't we to go the extra mile for others? On the other hand, is it right to be walked on? Is it right to be taken advantage of? Is it right to allow other people to dominate us? How can we know the difference? How can we know when to serve and when to say no? Father, we must surrender our life to You before we will ever get that answer right. We must seek Your wisdom throughout each day. We must make a habit of inquiring of the Lord. We must be led by Your Spirit because we cannot know, on our own, whether to be submissive to an individual or not. Only You know their heart and motives. Father, I ask that You give me a submissive and meek spirit when it is appropriate. I ask that You make me a strong, bold, and courageous leader, a leader who will not tolerate rebellion from You, when the situation calls for it. Help me to be submissive to You one hundred percent of the time. Amen.

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