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#695 - Nice to Meet You
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I met somebody today. Nice to meet you. What exactly was nice about meeting them? Was it a truly pleasurable experience? Father, what exactly are pleasantries? Are they one of the things that make our society function? Is it right to tell someone something that is untrue if it is nice? Father, I'm not imagining Jesus Christ saying pleasantries. I think He would focus on their lack of genuineness. He would want to say something more meaningful. May God show you His love today. How can I pray for you? Is there a problem I can help you with? Father, I'm not sure how I can touch someone's life whom I will know for just a few seconds or minutes. However, You know how I can. I pray that You will use me to be kind in a truly memorable way to the unique needs of the people I meet. I want to do more than to offer simple pleasantries. I want to offer Your love. Amen.

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