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#698 - Receiving Advice
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, Your Word tells us that our purposes are deep waters. Translation - what is going on in our hearts and minds is dark, cold, and suffocating. We can drown in that dung. We are machines that manufacture chaos and confusion that take the form of thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions, and, gulp, spoken words. We need the counsel of other people because our own self-counsel is so distorted. Every person who counsels us has their own inner chaos and carnage. They may not know how their advice is distorted by their own perceptions of life, their own deep waters. Their advice is colored by their own unique set of circumstances. What do we do? We can't trust our own counsel. We should also be careful trusting others. Who is the one who has insight who makes sense of our deep waters? It must be You. You can see all the battlefields in my mind. You see how the tapestry of scars, walls, and barriers lead to my thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions, and words. You also see these things in the life of everyone who would counsel and advise me. Father, I can't see these things in my life or theirs. Therefore, I need wisdom. I need discretion. I need to know when to listen to my own thoughts (because You are leading me) and when to listen to other's words. I need You to speak wisdom and direction into my life, doing so either through my own thoughts or the advice and counsel of others. Please make this clear to me. Amen.

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