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#699 - Persecution for My Faith
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, Your enemy hates You. He hates Your Son, Jesus Christ. He hates any time a person finds relief from spiritual, emotional, or physical heartache through Christ. He hates when anyone bears witness of the good that You do. Why does the enemy continue to fight against You? Doesn't he know he lost it all at the cross when Jesus Christ redeemed the sin of mankind? He wants to deprive Jesus Christ of as many people as he can. Jesus Christ deeply loves Bob, Mary, Mike, and Sue and longs for all four to spend an eternity with Him. Our enemy wants to deprive Jesus of Bob, Mary, Mike, and Sue. He will do everything he can to keep those four people from embracing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our enemy knows he lost the battle for humanity. However, he can take individuals to hell with him, depriving Jesus of those whom He longs to be with. He will persecute anyone who will tell Bob, Mary, Mike, and Sue the story of Your love, mercy, grace, and compassion. Father, the more we endeavor to tell the world of Your love, the more we will be persecuted. His goal is to silence our testimony, to make us so bitter with pain and distracted by suffering that we are silenced about Your goodness. Father, since I long to tell others about Your love, I will be persecuted. Keep me strong. Keep me courageous. Keep me persevering. Keep me focused on the lives that You want saved. Keep me loving those who You love, the people crying out for spiritual rescue. I ask that You defeat sin in me. I ask that You help me to laugh off the feeble attempts of the enemy to tempt me. I ask that every single time the enemy attempts to derail me that Your kingdom is advanced in a powerful way. May the enemy decide it is useless resisting Your work in my life because I am that united in purpose and mind with You. Amen.

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