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#700 - Political Correctness
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, let's say that Your Word tells us not to look at the sun. Your command is for our own good. You know the damage that will occur to our eyesight if we look at the sun. We don't like You telling us what to do. We are rebels from God. We are our own little gods. We will determine for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. To declare our independence from You, we proclaim that what You say is right is now wrong and what You say is wrong is now right. We become advocates for looking at the sun because Your Word had said it was wrong to do. However, there's a problem. There are other people who know that looking at the sun is bad for our eyes. They speak out, making a case publicly that people should not look at the sun. They state or imply that God knew what He was doing telling us not to look at the sun. They strike our nerve. We are furious. How dare they tell us we can't look at the sun? How dare they take a stand for God's command? Are they suggesting we can't decide what's right and wrong for ourselves? Are they suggesting we can't do whatever we want? Why do they "hate" us so? Haters! We must stop them from talking about the dangers of looking at the sun. We will organize. We will petition. We will protest. We will march. We will mount a campaign to persuade politicians, academia, and the media to advocate for sun-looking. That campaign includes measures to silence those who speak about the dangers of sun-looking. As part of the campaign, we turn ourselves into victims. We were born to look at the sun. We can't help it. It's like our skin color. Therefore, anyone who is suggesting we can choose to not look at the sun is being discriminatory. Such detractors become banned, shunned, and marginalized. Laws are passed. Executive orders are signed. Judges rule. Sun-looking becomes a constitutional right. Those who disagree with sun-looking will now go to jail or pay civil penalties for speaking out. Sun-looking has become politically correct. Blindness grows in our society. Father, in Your perfect society, there will be no racism. There will be no discrimination. People from all races and ethnicities will live in harmony together. Your Word makes it clear - we are not to judge. We are to love others and treat others as we want to be treated. However, if we love others, we don't want their eyes to be damaged by the radiation of the sun. Political correctness aside, looking at the sun does damage to people's eyes. Large populations of people will become blind because our society has embraced sun-looking. If we love people, we must speak out on their behalf, even if they don't want us to. We will be persecuted. Father, this is the point where we, the people who love Your Word, need to re-examine our strategy. Is there anything else we can do to help people to understand the dangers of sun-looking? Yes there is. - We confess we have rebelled from You. We repent and surrender our lives to You. Your Holy Spirit begins a wonderful transformation of our hearts. We become loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. The sun-lookers in society experience our amazing characters and they ask us why we are the way we are. We tell them about Your love and what You have done for us. In the discussion, we are given the opportunity to talk about the dangers of sun-looking. When they come to faith in Christ, they turn away from sun-looking, saving their eyesight. - We show compassion for those who are now blind because of sunlooking. We get them meals. We cut their lawns. We buy them clothes. They want to know why we are doing this for them. We tell them about the love of God. They tell us they don't understand why they are now blind. Because of what we have done for them, they are now willing to hear the truth. Sun-looking was not good for us all along. They may never regain their eyesight but they now know God's Word is good and is meant to keep us out of trouble. Father, I will not be effective fighting political correctness through reason. My words will be silenced. However, I can fight political correctness by doing what You called us to do 2,000 years ago - confess, repent, be filled with the Holy Spirit, share our faith, and care for people in need. It's a recipe for a powerful antidote to political correctness. Help me to do the things You've expected me to do since the Sermon on the Mount. Amen.

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