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#701 - I'm Furious About an Injustice - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, we believe in balanced consequences. A person does something wrong and there should be consequences for their actions. Fairness is the state of the consequences being in balance. If a person has done only a few things wrong, they should have only a few consequences. If a person has done many things wrong, they should have many consequences. If a person does something severe, they deserve something severe done to them. Similarly, if a person does something mild, they deserve a mild consequence. We cry unfair when this balance seems out of proportion. Father, Your Word says an "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." This supports the idea of balanced consequences. However, I cannot put You into a box where You are to balance all consequences. You can use unbalanced consequences to help us grow emotionally and spiritually. Navigating through unfair situations may build our character. I don't know what constitutes balanced consequences in another person's life. How can I say what they do or don't deserve? I don't know their private thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. However, You do. Therefore, I need to trust that in each seeming injustice that You are working something out for good in the people whose lives are affected. I also need to trust that You are the all-powerful God of justice and that all consequences will be balanced in the end. May that give me peace as I see the injustices in life. Amen.

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