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#704 - I'm a Liberal, Conservative, etc..
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, the problem with humanity is that each of us have rebelled from You. Each of us wants to be our own god. However, rebellion loves company, especially when we are no match as individuals to an awesome and mighty God. We conspire. Rebel joins rebel. We comfort one another that we are gods. We imagine that we can, collectively, become a supreme god. Government is god. It can do all things. It sees all things. It knows all things. It defines right and wrong. Father, liberals and conservatives share the same rebellious ideal: if the right people are elected into office, our society will prosper. The proponents of these ideologies are professing that government is the source of peace and prosperity and such a belief is rebellious. You laugh at us. You mock us. Mankind will never become like You. It is not going to happen. Politics in America in the 21st century is like the Tower of Babel in the ancient Near East. Mankind is seeking the glory that only You deserve. Governments will always fail when the governments serve the rebellion of the people. Jesus Christ had the opportunity to lead the Jewish people in a revolt against the Romans. The people certainly expected that of Him. However, He had a spiritual revolution in mind. What is His agent of societal change? The church. What were the weapons of societal change? Telling others about the love of Jesus Christ and proving that love by ministering to neighbors in crisis. If Your people, sitting in pews in churches across America, were committed to sharing their faith and serving people in need, our society would be transformed. Politicians would be shocked, amazed that the true transformative power in society resides in the love of Jesus Christ for people in need. Progressives and conservatives alike experience health crisis, financial crisis, and relationship problems. They need to be cared for by those who claim to love You. Such acts of love have a language far more powerful than party platform, speeches, legislation, or judicial decisions. Father, may Your people conspire across America to be obedient to You and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Amen.

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