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#707 - Corruption
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, You know human nature. You know that our driving motivation in life is to be our own god. You know that conflict and chaos emerge when the self-centered agendas of two or more little gods crash into each other. Therefore, You have created the institution of government to provide law and order. Laws and law enforcement were both established by You to maintain order in a society where everyone wants to do their own thing, when, where, and how they want to. In a world where individuals naturally rebel from God, we need government authorities to maintain peace. Father, thank You for the institution of government. However, government only works where the people in government consider themselves accountable to You for their own actions. When government is administered by those who are content in their rebellion from You, they will use their government authority to advance their own agendas. The little gods in power, who love their power, who are supposed to be maintaining law and order, end up breaking the law to keep themselves in power. Their government service becomes a means to advance their own kingdoms. It is called corruption. This is true of any institution - education, business, even marriage and family. When people seek to advance their own power through the system that is in place to control the individual's pursuit of power, we have corruption. Father, how am I corrupt? How do I use the systems that You have put in place for law and order to advance my own agenda at the expense of others? Forgive me for my corruption. I confess I am a rebel from You and I want to repent of my rebellion. Father, may I use the authority I have to fight for justice and to curb the human tendency to advance ourselves by dominating others. Amen.

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