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#708 - I'm Patriotic
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I love this country. I love the United States of America. The good old USA. I love the flag and what it represents. I love the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I love the government that our founding fathers conceived. I love that they were men of faith. I love our Bill of Rights. I love our three branches of government. I love the rights and the power of our states. I believe America is exceptional, the greatest nation on earth. I believe the world needs our leadership. I'm proud to be an American. I believe all who live in this country need to embrace and uphold the values that have traditionally made this nation great. Thank you, Father, for this great nation and the freedom to worship You we hold dear. Thank You for the men and women who have defended our country. However, may I not forget where my allegiance truly must be. I am an ambassador of Jesus Christ. I represent the Kingdom of God. My true citizenship is in heaven. Father, my purposes in this life are to advance Your Kingdom. The greatness of America is for a purpose: that Your church might have the freedom to do what Your church is supposed to do. Father, You never promised to keep America great when Your church is lethargic or lukewarm. You never promised to keep America great when the advancement of American interests becomes more important to Your church than the advancement of Your Kingdom. Father, if the church depends upon the greatness of the US more than we depend upon You, You may take away the greatness of our country to get our hearts where they are supposed to be. Father, make me a patriot of Your Kingdom by loving others in Your name through the ministries of Your church. It is the church that is Your instrument of societal blessing, not government. Amen.

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