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#710 - I Live with Crime in Neighborhood
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I live in a high crime neighborhood. It is normal for me to see drug dealings on the street. It is normal for me to hear screams and sirens in the night. Our home has bars on the windows and doors. We live in a virtual prison, scared to venture onto the streets at night. We fear home invasion. We fear a break-in if we dare go out for the evening. Each one of us has been threatened by a member of a gang as we walked on the sidewalk. We must keep a vigilant eye on our precious children, even as they play jump rope in front of the house. Father, this is no place to live. A crime-infested neighborhood is a neighborhood filled with little gods. Each criminal lives for their own satisfaction. Each criminal believes he or she is above the law. Each criminal looks at me as someone to terrify. They look at me as someone to dominate. This is not how You call us to live. We are to love others because You have loved us. Forgive me for the rebellion in my heart that is a crime against You. May I surrender to You in every area of my life. Father, please protect my loved ones and I from being a victim of crime. Father, give me opportunities to minister to the same individuals who have threatened our lives. Use me to draw them to salvation through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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