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#712 - I'm Bullied or an Outcast at School
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I dread going to school tomorrow. English? Math? Science? How can I think about school work when I'm terrified of walking through the halls? I am verbally abused about my body, my faith, my political beliefs, my family, my lifestyle, my friends, my clothes, my hair, my car, my siblings, my parents, my neighborhood, my sexuality, and much more. People talk behind my back. False rumors are spread that students, staff, and the friends of my parents believe. People go online and say horrible things about me. I get punched, pushed, and tripped in the hallways and I am accosted on my walk home from school. My friends are too afraid to stand up for me, sheepishly laughing along with the bullies so they stay out of trouble. I feel so entirely alone, an outcast in a war zone. Most of the teachers are disinterested and those that care fight a school administration that is weak and interested only in political correctness. I'm on the wrong side of that (my family is persecuted for our beliefs). Everyone needs companionship. I'm no different. Therefore, I'm inclined to cozy up with other outcasts and misfits, even gang members. Quite frankly, I hope my hardened new friends humiliate all my enemies. Father, protect me. Intervene and silence the bullies. Father, I need superhuman emotional strength. Where does that come from? Confession and repentance. Even though I am a victim of cruelty, I am a human being, a rebel from You. I live life as though I am my own god. Forgive me. I surrender. May the Holy Spirit transform my heart and soul so that I have the emotional strength that I lack tonight. Father, love those who bully me. Bring them to faith in You. Help me to, 'gulp', show Your love to them. Amen.

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