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#714 - Leadership in My Neighborhood
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, we reject You as God. We then try to be our own god. However, there's this little detail - You are God and we are not. We know this. Therefore, every human has this innate lack of confidence. We don't have the power or the smarts, in and of ourselves, to fix our problems or the problems in the world around us. We know our insecurities and our weaknesses well. For these reasons, most people avoid leadership roles whatsoever. My neighborhood has problems that need to be addressed. However, no one is willing to take the lead. I believe that You call every individual to leadership who has surrendered their life to You. You want such people to set an example and to point the way to You. You want people to follow. That makes all believers leaders. Leadership is service. It is humility. It is surrender to God. The spiritually meek, those who fear You, are best equipped to lead. When we fully give our lives to You, the Holy Spirit gives us the courage, wisdom, and perseverance to lead. Father, I ask You to help me take leadership in my neighborhood to resolve the community's problems. Help me to cast a vision. Help me to rally the troops. Help me to execute a plan. Help me to persuade the influential people to do what is right in Your eyes and in the eyes of my neighbors. Father, make me a leader in my community today. Amen.

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