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#715 - I'm Going to Civil Court - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, someone is taking me to court. They have accused me of causing them financial harm and they are seeking restitution as ordered by the court. Father, I have experienced a difficult season of financial duress. I could not pay all my bills. I am in arrears. I did not deliberately take money from someone. I intended to pay all my bills and meet all my financial obligations. I experienced an unanticipated decline in income or an unexpected major expenditure such as an unwanted divorce or health crisis. I may not have been able to work for a while. Whatever the reason, I owe this person money and I cannot afford to pay them back. Father, this person deserves to be paid for the loan they gave me, products they sold me, or services they rendered. If I had the money I would pay them back. Father, I need Your mercy. You are the Creator God. You can move mountains. You can do anything. I need a solution. Can You engineer a deal? Can we work out a payment plan? Can You outright have my debt forgiven? Please have the judge rule in my favor. Father, better yet, can You help me to generate an income that will enable me to pay off everyone I owe money to? Please have mercy upon me. I am dedicating my life to Your honor and glory. It has become my life's calling. I have confessed to You my rebellion and I've surrendered my life to You. Father, if I am not responsible for the claims against me, I ask that You defend me and remove this false accusation from the court system. Whatever happens - liens, garnishment of my wages - I pray that You will be with me and watch over my interests. Amen.

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