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#716 - I'm Going to Civil Court - Part 2
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I delivered a product or service to a party and they didn't pay me in full. They failed to meet the terms of an agreement or a contract. It has caused me hardship. I am taking them to court. Father, I am asking for justice. I am asking that the court will decide in my favor, demanding that the other party pay me back the money they owe me. However, I understand that the other party may not have the money to pay me back. It may prove to be a hollow victory. Father, I pray that if this party cannot pay me back that You will restore the lost money to me in some other way. What if they ask to settle out of court for a fraction of what they owe me? Should I accept it? What if they plead for mercy and pardon? Father, is not mercy what You have given me? Does not Your Word call us to forgive people of their debts to us? If You lead me to reduce or forgive their debt, I need You to make up the difference for me. I need You to work out a solution that expresses Your generosity to the other person and my need to be compensated for my losses. I need to know what to do. I need Your wisdom. I need Your insight. I need my attorney and court bills to be paid as well. Please show me Your will in this matter. Amen.

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