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#720 - I Was a Good Samaritan Today
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I was a good Samaritan today. I was compassionate and merciful to a stranger. They were in a crisis of some kind and I did what I could to bring them comfort and to get them help. Father, I give You full credit for that. You loved that person so much that You put me in their path at exactly the right time. You whispered to me to help them. You gave me courage to perhaps save them from flames or defend them from an angry crowd. Father, Your Word tells us that You plan our good works in advance. They do not happen by accident. They happen because we have surrendered our lives to You and, therefore, we are listening each moment for Your direction. You say: Come here. Go there. Do this. Do that. When we are obedient to You, our lives become like a fire company serving a city - we are continuously sent to the rescue of people in need. There's a reason why godly people have so many people in crisis in their lives. They go to where the hurting people are and they make themselves available. Father, it feels good to do something selfless. It is a feeling I want to enjoy more and more. Please send me when others cry out to You for rescue. Amen.

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