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#726 - Considering a Run for Political Office - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am concerned about the direction the government is taking our society. The policies of our political leaders are hurting our economy, making us less secure, and weakening both our institutions and the rights of our citizens. Father, I understand that the number one agent of change You have in mind in our society is the church. Believers are to be sharing their testimonies and caring for people in their communities who are suffering from various adversities. Authentic and genuine acts of compassion, fueled by the desire to love others in Your name, captures the attention of the lost. It can lead to people committing their lives to You. When they do, the Holy Spirit begins to transform their character and their value systems. Father, if Your church across America did what You ask us to do, our society would experience a revival. However, the church has become lukewarm in our culture. Many churches are dying while others don't want to get involved. Believers like to hide their faith from the world inside the four walls of their church. Without believers sharing their faith and serving the needy in our communities, the only agent of societal change is the politician. If I want to help stop the decline of our culture, should I run for political office? Is this Your call to me? Since the church is not being as effective as it could be, should believers get involved in government? Father, I am asking for Your answer to that question. Amen.

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