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#728 - I'm Running for Political Office
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have decided to run for political office because I believe You have called me to do so. Father, this is the road that lies ahead for me. - I must confess my rebellion from God and repent. I must surrender my life to You, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform my heart. - I must demonstrate I am involved in my community. Volunteering. - I must get involved with local party politics, building relationships with power brokers. I need endorsements from politically powerful names in the community. - I must know the requirements of the political office I seek. - I must file paperwork. - I must obtain support from friends and family. - I must receive approval from the members of an exploratory committee and get their commitment. - I must develop an outstanding campaign plan - the right 30-second differentiated message that resonates with the issues my community is concerned about. - I need to target the undecided voters in the right precincts who historically turnout on election day. I need to receive confirmation there is interest in my candidacy within the population. - I need a campaign team - to manage the paperwork, my schedule, the finances, and the volunteers. - I need to call people and ask for their vote or money, perhaps up to eight times. - I need to go to house parties for my candidacy and I need to hold well-attended events where the media will report on my candidacy. - I need to send out direct mail to targeted voter lists. - I need to get out the vote on election day. - As I do all of this, I must remain a man or woman of godly character who is an outstanding spouse and parent. Sigh. I cannot do this on my own. If ever a human needs God, it's when that human runs for political office. I need a gigantic God to guide my steps and to move mountains. I can do all things through You. Win or lose, may my candidacy give You honor. Amen.

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